Sunday, 29 May 2011

Intrasis for Archaeological excavations

Intrasis is an acronym for Intra-site Information System and is a GIS system suitable for all kinds of archaeological documentation, at the site as well as for post excavation work. The system includes two software products, Intrasis Explorer and Intrasis Analysis.

Intrasis Explorer is the core of the system and is used for import of measurement files from different kind of measurement instruments e.g. total station or GPS. All registration of information is done in Intrasis Explorer. It features functions for creating, administer and communicate with the site database, which is stored in MS SQL Server.

Intrasis Analysis is a tool for analysing data created with Intrasis Explorer. Wizards for the most commonly used GIS analysis simplify the GIS work for the archaeologists. Data can be exported to be used in other softwares, for publication or advanced GIS analysis.

I'm just about to install ArcGIS 10 onto my laptop and am gonna give this a whirl!!! 



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